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: Shes Freaky
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Pitbull - Shes Freaky Şarkı Sözü
One time for my freaks
That know what to do when l
Skeet, Skeet! That like it
Hard, rough, face down, ass up
Yes sir! That like their hair pulled
When you beat from da back
That’s what l like
But mami can you really get down like that?
She’s Freaky! She knows how to do what l like just right!
She’s Freaky! She likes you to talk dirty all night!
She’s Freaky! She likes her ass slapped when she rides!
She’s Freaky! And a freak is what l need in my life!
One, little two, little three, little four
Five, little six, little seven, little hoes
Now calling all freaks that like blind folds
Fi, fi, fo! From go ahead and blow me now
l need a freak to hold me down!
l like the way you move
And the way you do the things you do
Can l get at you?
l’m just telling you the truth
Maybe l’m too blunt, but why front!
You got it going on, just pull up your skirt
l know what to do with your thong!
l’ma Pull it to da side and rub it down right
Let me know if l’m wrong!
[Chorus 2x]
Look at those eyes, look at those thighs
l could tell by da way she act that
She’s Freaky and knows how to keep secrets
And knows how to throw it back right!
Go ahead and hurt me….
Put it on me, put it on me
Throw it back like an old jersey
l want ya’ll, l want ya’ll
To get loose, get crunk, get high, get drunk
To da point of no return, take one more shot
And feel da burn, now work it out
Shake that thing ‘till you can’t no more now!
Work it out, take that thing d-down to da floor now!
Work it out, Shake that thing ‘till you can’t no more now!
Work it out, take that thing d-down to da floor now!
[Chorus 2x]
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