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: EP 5
: My Man
: 35 indirme.
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: 11 Şubat 2019 Pazartesi günü eklendi.

10 üzerinden 8 puan. 1 kişi puan verdi.

Rating: 8 out of 10
Qveen Herby - My Man Şarkı Sözü
Damn, damn
Oh you used to be my man
Used to be my man and
Damn, damn
You were ‘posed to have my back
Now we can’t go back
Cuz you made your bed with the shit you said
Your apology was irrelevant
Oh man, oh man
Oh you used to be my man
Be my man

I looked at you like a brother
I thought we’d make it through the summer
But I just put a block on your number
Cuz you a sketchy motherfucker

It’s high time that I boot that
High time that I scoot past
Gave it all and I trusted ya’ll but I realize that I should have
Verified your bank account
Every one of your checks bounced
Still be gettin this cheese bro I’m no cheap hoe and no cash cow

Threw your ass out like an ad lib
That’s how many fucks about you I give
I really thought that you had the chips
Soon as you turn on me that’s when I dip

Laugh it off cuz I’m drippin
Lookin back I was trippin
Universe is talkin to ya better walk it through ya better listen
Judge, jury, executioner
You picked the wrong bitch to be abusing her
You tryna steal a crown but who’s a bitch now
When I’m switchin how I use the term.
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