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EP 5 albüm kapak resmi
: EP 5
: Mint
: 17 indirme.
: 3.29 MB
: 14 Mayıs 2019 Salı günü eklendi.

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Qveen Herby - Mint Şarkı Sözü
Making money like a mint
Laying in my ice like shrimp
Mint condition that I’m in
Coming with the freshness
Yeah I got that brand new shit
Bought it so I don’t pay rent
All my boys are pussy whipped
Coming with the freshness
Light green squeaky clean so he buy me nice things
I fiend bigger bling only register ka-ching
Too high too fly when they look up at the sky
It’s a bird It’s a plane superwoman say my name
He said beggars can’t be choosy
I said it’s Gucci
I’m couture like the movies
Don’t need face tuning
Jamba Juice lookin smoothie
No GMO these bananas never bruising
If you can remember two things
I never needed luck see my haters say what’s up
Best part of waking up like Folgers in your cup
Grinded everything I got
They gave up but I have not
Now I rock at the top
Big bars mint cars lined up on the boulevard
And this beat push hard we might set off some alarms
Heated seat pussy treat bend it over he’s deceased
They might talk a lot of game but they can’t back up the claims
I said see it and believe it
He’s in agreement
Cut the check like you mean it
Lick it and seal it
Never Keke in my feelings
It’s too appealing breaking glass in your ceilings
If you can remember two things
Open up for a treat
Never salt only sweet
Swish it rinse and repeat
You wanna get like me.
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